Our focus is strategically aligning companies with the causes that are important to their business, corporate culture, employees and customers.  We utilize our expertise and experience to create innovative and impactful partnerships and programs to drive positive brand recognition, increase employee engagement, benefit communities and support non-profits. 


AK Chase Associates is a boutique consulting firm solely dedicated to success in assisting our clients with their philanthropic and community engagement initiatives. We strategize, craft and execute philanthropic partnerships and programs that align with our clients’ corporate values, culture and brands as well as effectively supporting important causes and communities. 


With more than three decades of experience in non-profit development and corporate giving programs, we understand both sides of a philanthropic partnership.  We have worked in non-profits promoting social change through education, workforce development, hunger relief and environmental stewardship.  We’ve been on the other side as well, managing community investment and employee volunteer programs for business. 


Our services provide an exceptional value add to our clients, giving them the experience from both perspectives to create impactful solutions that are long lasting and deliver the significant outcomes being sought by all stakeholders. 


We understand that corporate philanthropy and engagement are an investment in your business, your workforce, your reputation and your community. 


Our geographic focus is the greater Baltimore/VA/DC metropolitan region and we work with a variety of businesses of all sizes and industries. AK Chase Associates is a 100% Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB).



Philanthropic Planning 

Employee Engagement

Philanthropic Program Development/Management


"To my fellow business leaders and billionaires, I say that we can no longer wash our hands of our responsibility for what people do with our products. Yes, profits are important, but so is society. And if our quest for greater profits leaves our world worse off than before, all we will have taught our children is the power of greed.
It’s time for a new capitalism — a more fair, equal and sustainable capitalism that actually works for everyone and where businesses, including tech companies, don’t just take from society but truly give back and have a positive impact."


- Marc Benioff, CEO of Saleforce

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