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Philanthropic Planning

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 Encourage your customers to support their communities and important causes by providing opportunities for them to benefit others while purchasing your product or services.  Cause marketing allows businesses to educate and engage consumers on important topics while increasing sales and positive brand recognition.  We would love to help you create a meaningful and successful campaign for your company. 




  • Non-Profit Research & recommendations that fit business philanthropic objectives. 

  • Partner Engagement with existing well-managed and well-visioned partners or create new opportunities.

  • Program, Partnership & Needs-Based Program Development that benefit the business objectives and identified non-profits, engaging internal and external stakeholders to elevate your brand.

  • Focused Guidance & Outreach Approaches based on industry "Best Practices" that incorporate current and proven trends, tools and methodologies. The results afford a comprehensive and elastic approach for philanthropic/community engagement programs that are efficient, effective, and impactful.

  • Management & Operational Oversight of philanthropic and engagement initiatives.

  • Development, Measurement & Monitoring of Success Factor Metrics that measure desired outcomes, monitor progress toward philanthropic and business goals to ensure goals and outcomes are achieved. 

Philanthropic Program Development/Management:

Creating meaningful philanthropic partnerships is integral to your business strategy and elevating your brand. We handle all aspects of the philanthropic process, from researching and identifying non-profits effectively working in the areas of engagement you care about, to facilitating program development involving multiple stakeholders, to operational oversight of initiatives and overall evaluation efforts and return on investment. 



  • Philanthropic Audit of past efforts, non-profits and causes supported, method of support and outcomes.

  • Strategic Planning involving closely examining the company’s corporate culture, brand, employee engagement and causes that would be a good fit for the company’s support. Can narrow focus to one or many geographic areas and identify opportunities for different channels of support (financial, skills-based volunteering, in-kind donations, sponsorships, volunteering, mentoring, internships, board service, advocacy, etc.)

  • Guidance & Coordination of Community Outreach, working closely with marketing, HR, leadership, board, and employee teams.

Employee Engagement

Effective employee engagement programs help your business to attract, recruit and retain great employees who care about their jobs and their communities.  We work with your team to create volunteer programs and workplace giving opportunities to encourage your staff to support the causes important to your them and your business. 



  • Business Review of past and current philanthropic opportunities and program.

  • Plan & Facilitate Employee Engagement strategy sessions to gain feedback on current and past volunteer opportunities and generate ideas on how to improve the program and causes they want to support.


  • Create financial match opportunities based on employee donations, employee volunteer hours, employee work anniversaries, employee health programs, etc.…


  • Develop & Deploy workplace giving programs.

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